Residential & Villas

European Lard Station

Hemicycle and offices for the Headquarters of the European Parliament including: a 750-seat hemicycle, 1133 offices for members of Parliament, 18 commission halls and catering centre and service areas.

Yabroudi Villa

The project’s architecture expresses complementary features of a villa, made up of calm, quiet areas designed for family life, as well as reception areas, which are open and welcoming.

Cultural Complex Centre

Located near Muscat main entrance, the Cultural Centre emerges from a unique landscape, between the sea and the mountains, as an oasis where palm trees and mineral colonnades offer cool public spaces.

Dalbourne Villa

The two Daourne villas are situated in the northern part of Guangzhou. The villa area is bordered by a new high speed road to the west, and by the famous Bai Yun mountain to the east.