Club & Resort

Housing Mrzelova

4500 m2
Lab Architects
In Progress

Alongside Mrzelova Street in Ljubljana, the construction of a settlement of residential row houses, several investors is planned. This project deals with the part of the settlement that concerns only one investor, namely Granada group d.o.o. The subject land is intended to house 19 row houses in three rows. To access the new facilities, a new traffic arrangement has been designed, with an internal access road that will be of a private nature and intended only for residents of the settlement with a connection to Mrzel Street.
Each dwelling house will have its own garden and landscaped parking space for cars on its own lot. A playground will be arranged in the village.

The facility is designed as a single-family house, with living and service spaces provided on the ground floor, sleeping rooms on the first floor.
Ground floor: hallway with dressing room, living room with kitchen, pantry, utility, toilet and bike shop + pantry. From the living room access to the outdoor terrace and garden is possible.
Floor: hallway with dressing room, bedroom, two children’s rooms, dressing room, bathroom for children, bathroom for parents. From the bedroom access to the outside terrace is possible.